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English To Hindi Typing

Our Typing Software provides english to hindi typing. We provide free and accurate typing which makes you learn and type in hindi easily. You just need to type in a English word which will be transliterated into Hindi after you press spacebar. If you press backspace you will get multiple option to select a word you desired. our typing tool is the easiest typing tool which makes the easy hindi typing. this online hindi typing tool is similar to the google easy hindi typing tool

For converting English to Hindi words we provide unlimited characters and words. You don’t have remember the complex hindi typing keyboard layout or practice hindi typing for days , you will able to typing hindi fluently. Once you finished with the written you can mail it with your friends which are free of cost.

If you want to send it your friends via Whatsapp you can simple copy the text and paste in whatsapp.And if you want you can share this on Twitter, facebook and other social media platform of your choice.

Online English To Hindi Typing

Now-a-days hindi typing becomes most important thing. Everyone wants to learn how to type in hindi. But for that they need to join computer courses for learning and typing in hindi. So to make it easy and convenient we are providing you the online hindi typing software through which you can learn hindi typing with English keyboard .

You just have to type in English as you type in Mobile for messaging. We provide Easy hindi typing software which will help you to type in hindi..


You have to type words in the provided text area where you have to type in English which will be converted into hindi after you hit the spacebar. For example if you type "Aap kon ho?" Which will be converted into "आप कौन हो ?."

If you hit backspace you will get multiple choices to select a word you desired from the drop down menu.

Any text which is typed in the textarea will be automatically saved in the computer. So, if your computer gets shutdown your data will be intacted

Its easy to copy and paste at your desired location.

Hindi Alphabets

Hindi is the most spoken language. It is spoken by more than 450 million people as first language and most of the parts of South Asia which are India, Bangladesh , Mauritius.

Hindi is mostly written in the Devangiri alphabets , developed by Brahmi script. In devengiri alphabets there are 36 consonants and 12 vowels letters. Also it has hindu-arabic numeral system in its own representation. Which are as follows:

Hindi is mostly written in the Devangiri alphabets , developed by Brahmi script. In devengiri alphabets there are 36 consonants and 12 vowels letters. Also it has hindu-arabic numeral system in its own representation. Which are as follows:

Vowels: अ, आ इ, ई, उ, ऊ, ऋ, ए, ऐ, ओ, औ

Numbers: ०,१,२,३,४,५,६,७,८,९,

About Hindi Language

Basically, Hindi is an Indo-Aryan language spoken in India. It is the main language speaking in India. The Devanagiri script is used to write Hindi. Hindi is the most widely written and spoken language in North India. 45% of the total population India speaks Hindi.

Hindi is the mother-tongue of 405 million people around the world. In old days it was very difficult to type the documents from one language to other but now it is very easy to type the documents by simply using the hindi typing tool.

We are providing you Hindi typing software for free of cost. It is the better option rather than practicing typing for weeks. Hindi Typing is one of the most typing tool used in India. Using this tool you can write Hindi articles, new, or anything you want to write and can share with your friends, family and others.

Some of the English to hindi sentences

Mera bharat desh mahan hai - मेरा भारत देश महान है्ै ।

Aap kaise ho - आप कैसे हो?

Bharat ki rajdhani delhi hai - भारत की राजधानी दिल्ली है !

Aapka Nam kya hai ? - आपका नाम क्या है?

tumhara naam kya hai ? - तुम्हारा नाम क्या है?

How I Can Type in Hindi

Our website provides the best tool for Online Hindi typing. You can use alphabets such as a, b, c, d, etc which will be then get converted into Hindi. By using these alphabets we have to make similar pronunciation words as Hindi.

For example, if you type “Namaste”, then this will get converted into “नमस्ते”. In addition you also get a list of option through which you can select a word which you want to use.

But you have to make sure that the alphabets you have used to make the word have the same pronunciation as the Hindi word. You have to try the best word which matches the Hindi word.

Frequently Ask Question

1. What is transliteration?

The transliteration is the process of transferring words from one alphabet language to another. It involves the conversion of type text from one script to another by swapping the letters.

2. How the English to Hindi typing works?

The English to Hindi tying work by transliterating the words. The word which has similar sound as the Hindi word.

3. Can I download the transliterated text ?

Yes, you can download the transliterated text without any restrictions. Also, you can copy the transliterated text.

4. What is the difference between translation and transliteration ?

Translation converts the text from one language to another but transliteration converts the text from one script to another. Translation tells you the meaning of the text in another language but transliteration does not tell the meaning it helps to pronounce it.

5. What are the features of typing ?

When you start typing and you hit the backspace button the suggestion box will appear to suggest the words that you want to type. When you press ctrl+G its changes language from Hindi to English or English to Hindi. You can type unlimited words on this website.

6. How to type in Hindi without software? ? is one of best website on internet which provide online hindi typing without any software installation.

7. What is difference between Hindi transliteration and Hindi translation?

Hindi transliteration means converting the similar sounded English words into Hindi. The word which is translate English to Hindi is called as translation. In this its shows the English to Hindi meaning of the word which are being translated. Sometimes you require English to Hindi translator for some important work. In which you have to translate from English to Hindi words.

8. What is Hindi Transliteration?

Hindi Transliteration it is process in which the similar sounding characters are converted from English to Hindi. For example “Aap kon ho?” which will be converted into “आप कौन हो?”. Our tool is Online Hindi tool which transliterate unlimited words. You can write Hindi without any hesitation. Our tool works same as google hindi tool.
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