About Us

Hello friends, translateinhindi.com is the online tool for translation and transliteration of various languages from English text. As we are Indian, there are plenty of language that people speak every state has its own language.

So, to one who cannot write their own language for them we provide the facility of typing in English and that will be transliterated into his/her language and also there is the translation option you have just type in English and press the translation button its will be translated in your language.

So, because of internet and these online facilities everything has become very simple. Our website provides the various types of transliteration that are:

  • English to Hindi typing
  • English to Marathi typing
  • English to Tamil typing
  • English to Telugu typing
  • English to Punjabi typing
  • English to Gujarati Typing
  • English to Oriya Typing
  • This website is user-friendly once you start typing in any language you in flow of typing till you complete it. Once you end typing the text you can download it or copy the text and paste where you want. Because of this online tool you don’t have to download any application for translation and typing.

    You do your work online and download the text. There is the feature that suggest you the word that you are going to type through drop-down menu so it makes the work easier. Our Website also provides the translation of various language like:

  • English to Hindi translation
  • Hindi to English translation
  • Marathi to English translation
  • English to Amharic translation
  • Amharic to English Translation
  • English to Tamil Translation
  • Tamil to English Translation
  • If you have any problem in typing or in translation please inform us by giving your feedback. You give your feedback by taking the information from the contact us page. And I also hope you would like the tool and like to use this tool every time.