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Amharic To English Translation

The Amharic is the language of Ethiopia and it was spoken as the first language of Amharas and as a lingua France by other populations living in major cities and towns of Ethiopia.Around 22 million people speak the Amharic language in the world.By the Rastafari religion, it considered Amharic as the holy language. An abugida is the Amharic Script and the graphemes of the Amharic writing system is called Fidel. Amharic is supported by Linux distribution, including Ubuntu and Fedora.

To people who cannot speak Amharic translating can be easy through our tool of the translator. The people who cannot speak Amharic can type the sentence, word, or paragraphs into English or any regional language they know and can talk to the person who understands only Amharic.

This tool made it easy and efficient for people who cannot speak Amharic. The tool can be really helpful to people. The translation tool is powered by Google API translation. When you start typing on the left-hand side box and after you finish your typing just click on the translate button the text will be translated in the Amharic language.

The translation will just take a few seconds to translate your text but the translated text will be not 100 accurate. The Google engineer are also trying their best to make the software better so that it can give 100% accurate translation of the Amharic language. But then also there will not be much difference in your translated text that you can know by using the tool. You can copy the text and also share it on social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, or within the family groups and also to the friends.