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Online Oriya Typing

The Oriya language is spoken by around 35 million people in the world. It is mostly spoken in the Indian state Odisha.

For the people who cannot speak Oriya translating from Oriya to English can be quite difficult. Some website provides translating with paid service that is profitable for people who write an article, books, etc. But our website provides translation for free.

The tool is powered by Google API. You have to start typing in the left-hand side box and when you complete typing your text just click on the translate button the text will be translated. The Oriya translation tool will not give a 100% accurate translation of the text. There will be a little bit different in translation. Expectantly one day the translation will be perfect.

The Google engineer is working on the Oriya translation to make it better and accurate. You can translate the word, sentence, or paragraphs through this tool. You can also translate the greeting message or formal or informal message to share wherever you want. You can copy the text and also share it on social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, or within the family groups and also to the friends.